So, what do you need to take with you when you’re getting ready for your first trip? 

Part 1 includes the check-list for most important personal things you may need on the road: 

GPS navigator + charger

Road maps – just in case you have no Internet connection

Cash – Some facilities don’t accept credit cards or EFS

Personal documents – ID card, passport, SSN, green card/work permit, CDL 

Medical Insurance, Medical Certificate for CDL holders

Documents for the truck – registration, annual review, insurance etc.

Cargo & Liability insurance 

Load papers – BOL, POD, receipts

Cell phone and charger

Extra cell phone with a full battery, turned off 

Dash cam 

Tablet/Laptop + charger (you can also download couple of movies)

E-Book or couple of books

USB drive with music/movies and copies of the papers 

USB cables, connectors

This is the first part of our pre-trip check-list, and the second part includes things to make your truck comfortable for living. What would you add to the check-list? What are the items to take with you at first? Please share your check-list with us