In the trucking industry a BOL stands for ‘Bill of Lading’ – a document 📃 that confirms that the carrier received the cargo and it gives them the right to move this cargo. 

It is a necessary document that actually shows that you are allowed to carry the load you have, it also shows the pick-up and delivery locations, the type of cargo etc. BOL works as a receipt of freight services, a contract between a freight carrier and shipper and a document of title. 

Every load also has a POD (Proof of Delivery) that you receive after the load is checked in the facility. 

It is very important to check that you have all the needed signs on the documents, and that these signs are clearly visible.

So, what are you to do after you get both papers signed (after the load was delivered)? 

The first step is to send everything to your company via Transflo, including empty pages, fuel receipts, trip reports and any other papers you have that relate to this trip. 

After that, put all the documents in a folder and send them to the company’s main office via physical mail. This mailing way may take some time, but your POD Department will already have everything they need in Transflo. 

This way, you can be 100% sure that the P&D are legally confirmed.

Have you ever had any issues with BOL or POD? Please share your stories with us!

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