Safety is the number 1 priority for drivers ❕ Many things that happen behind the wheel can affect the safety of all road users. Hard braking is one of them. 

Today, let’s talk about several causes and consequences of hard braking: 

✔️ There are several reasons why a driver may need to hit the brakes, and not all of these reasons are entirely up to the driver. Things like animals 🐾 on the road, a sudden stop of a car ahead🚗, or a dangerous speeding lane change are unexpected events that require hard braking. However, this is the exception, not the rule. 

✔️ More often, drivers don’t allow enough space between themselves and the vehicle in front, exceed the speed limit, or do not pay attention to the traffic flow (they are distracted from the road). Many drivers greatly underestimate the stopping distance they need in an emergency. 

🚨 The first and most dangerous consequence is the risk of an accident. All of the above reasons can lead to serious consequences for both the driver and his transport, and for the company. Hard braking also can lead to the load shifting, which can result in cargo damage. 

👨‍🔧 Wear and tear on your vehicles. Increased vehicle operation and maintenance costs. ⚙️ Brakes and tires- are the two areas most affected by hard braking. Repeated hard braking will drastically reduce the efficiency of the braking system and shorten the life of the tire 🛠️

⛽ Increased fuel consumption. Every act of hard braking increases fuel consumption. 

Most hard braking incidents and major accidents can be avoided if drivers plan their routes, anticipate weather changes, drive with care, and monitor changes in traffic.

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