Checking the weather in advance is a must for every driver, especially when you operate a semi-truck. So, how to find the precise information about the weather forecasts and road conditions? See the list of sources below!

The Weather Channel (TWC) 

The Weather Channel offers both the website and the mobile app, which is suitable for Android and iOS. Here you can choose various radar modes with additional layers and filters. 

Link: https://weather.com/ 

State DOT website 

Each state has their own website with the necessary travel information – road conditions, traffic, work zones, etc. 

DOT Twitter 

When planning the trip in advance, you can look through the twitter weather & road conditions announcements and consider all the details of your route. 

Storm Shield app

This app also works with both iOS and Android and shows the updates on any current storms, tornadoes and earthquakes. 

MyRadar app

MyRadar allows you to quickly check the weather in your location and the nearest places. The app works for both iOS and Android users. 

Do you use any of these sources or do you prefer the other websites? Share your experience with us!

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