‼️ Maintaining a valid CDL is critical to all truck drivers, as you cannot operate a CMV without it. Additionally, having a suspension or disqualification of a CDL on your record can affect your insurability and, therefore, your future employment.

In addition to the obvious serious violations (speeding 15 miles per hour or more over the limit, improper lane changes, following too closely, reckless driving, distracted driving violations, driving a CMV without the proper CDL in your possession, and any traffic violation that results in a fatality) and non-compliance with the rules, the following violations that are often missed by drivers can lead to CDL cancellation/suspension/disqualification: 

🔘 Failures To Act involve: Failure (Forgetting) To Pay (a ticket), Failure to Appear (in court), Failure to Comply (with a court order). When you get a traffic ticket you have 30 days to do something with it and not receive a penalty. 

🔘 Failure To Pay Financial Responsibilities include: Lack of Automobile Insurance, Financial Liens Placed on Driving Privilege (usually due to lack of insurance after an accident), Failure to Pay Ticket, Failure to Pay Child Support. An FR suspension means a suspension for failure to pay a responsibility. You have to fulfill the financial obligation to fix an FR suspension and receive an FR suspension reinstatement.

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