As you know, semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road – because of their size, the driver is limited in what he can see. One of the reasons for the huge number of accidents is insufficient visibility. Since mirrors are the only way to see what is going on around you, you need to familiarize yourself with important tips on how to use them – then you will be able to significantly improve safety on the road. 

Always be aware of blind spots. Blind zones in trucks are places where it is difficult or even impossible for the driver to see the situation on the road. The first blind zone is located behind the truck, the second – on the left side behind the cabin. On the right side there are also blind sectors. The first starts one meter in front of the cab and extends to the middle of the cab. The second is at the level of the rear of the cab. A good knowledge of the danger zones will allow drivers to ensure their own and others’ safety on the road

Adjust the mirrors. Be sure to check them before you begin your trip- the view should reach the rear of the trailer. 

Check your mirrors regularly while driving.  It is recommended that you check your mirrors every 8 to 10 seconds. 

Check your mirrors when making turns. When making a sharp turn, the mirrors will let you know if you have enough space to make the maneuver. 

Check the condition of your mirrors. Make sure they are clean and secure. 

Adhering to the rules described above will greatly improve your safety on the road. Write in the comments, what other tips would you recommend to semi-truck drivers?