When having a long haul trip as a solo driver, you can easily get distracted and drowsy.😵‍💫 This may cause a dangerous situation on the road, so we’ve prepared a short list of tips that can help you to stay attentive and concentrated. 

So, how to stay focused when having a long ride? 

1️⃣ Take a break if you feel tired

If you start feeling drowsiness, immediately take a short break. A 20-minute rest or short nap will help you to feel better. A walk-around, stretching exercise, and a small snack will make you feel energized.

2️⃣ Choose a different route.  Changing the route might sometimes keep you focused, as it means exploring the new road. 

3️⃣ Listen to the dynamic music. Choose the playlist that doesn’t distract you, but also doesn’t calm you down and make you fall asleep. 

4️⃣ NEVER use your cellphone or personal tablet while driving.

5️⃣ Improve your nutrition. Fast food delivers fats and sugars to your body, thus making you more likely to become sleepy and drowsy. On the contrary, when eating healthy food and vitamins, you get more focused, as the diet is well-balanced. 

Vitamins B and C are perfect energy boosters.

What helps you to stay focused on the road and avoid getting distracted? Please share your tips in the comments below!

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