FMCSA is strict about ensuring that truck drivers do not use drugs and alcohol while working. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you need to know what drug tests exist and in what cases they are done.

🔸 Pre-employment – The most common form of employment drug testing, FMCSA requires that companies make a drug screening for all new hires before starting to work. An employer must receive a negative drug test result necessarily. 

🔸 Post-accident – drug and alcohol testing are necessary for some situations after an accident, depending on its severity. If the accident involves a human fatality, an injury that involves treatment away from the scene of the accident, or incapacitation of a vehicle involved in the crash, the driver may be subject to a drug test. Drug tests must take place within 32 hours of the accident, and alcohol tests within 8 hours.

🔸 Random – Once a CDL driver has passed prescreening and is working for a company, they are subject to mandatory random drug testing. Every CDL driver is part of a random testing selection pool and is eligible for random testing whenever he or she is on duty, as well as just before or after. These random tests come up throughout the year, and when a driver receives a summons for a test, he or she must respond immediately.

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